Five ways to control your emotions

Emotions are a significant part of our everyday-lives since most of the activities and decisions we make are based on whether we are sad, happy, frustrated, angry, or bored.

We also seem to select our interests and line of work based on how they affect how feelings. So emotions control our lives, and how we relate to other human beings.  

Nothing saps our mental energy more than negative emotions such as anger, fear, being upset and overreactions. If left unchecked, this can affect our personal development, relationship with other people and the state of our health.

Well, this article will take you through various emotional control techniques that will help you improve your well-being and personal development.  

Identify the actual emotion  

Most of us are not smart enough to identify the real cause of the emotion. Instead, they try to overreact as soon as the feeling appears. But this is a huge mistake that will make you regret later in life.  

What you need to do is to identify or merely name the emotions as soon as they occur before doing anything else. This will give you more control over those emotions when you start feeling like you’re getting enraged, lonely, sad, or bored.  

When we name or identify-the-cause of our feelings, we accept them and become more aware of where they came. It is due to this awareness that we understand the power these emotions may cause us to do.

Be aware emotional triggers   

You need to understand the things that trigger off your feelings such as fear, anger, panic, and etcetera. For instance, you may find out that you always get frustrated when your friends laugh at you, or you get outraged when your wife yells at the kids.   

Becoming aware of what causes your emotions to build-up will give you the courage to work through them more reasonably. You may choose to call one of your friends and let them tell you the reasons why they respect you. Talking to your wife and understanding why she yells at the kids can also help resolve the matter wisely instead of getting angry and causing havoc at your home.  

Emotions such as stress, envy, and anger can also be relieved by trying to do something physical like doing yoga exercises or going for the gym or short walks. Also, some people take their moments alone for meditation to find the best solution to calm them down upset. Still, others cry very profoundly to release stress-hormones that relieve them from sadness, pleasure, anger, and fear.   

Take responsibility for emotions   

Most of the time we get upset because of other people’s actions. We get angry and starts feeling very depressed. For instance, you can get angry when your co-worker is very late for work. These situations affect us severely, but it’s important to take responsibility for all the feelings that are brought about by such actions. After all, how can someone make you hurt without your consent?  

Our reactions towards the emotions that affect us are shaped from our understanding of the truth, and what matters to us in general. When your friend gets late for work can be your major trigger for annoyance, but to other people, it’s none of their business. You also need to consider that most people’s behavior is determined by several other factors such as life experiences, beliefs, and culture, which differs from your own.  

So you need to take significant control of yourself without allowing other people to distract your mind.   

Take time away  

To prevent strong emotions from affecting your personal development and your social life; you need to take most of your time away from people or circumstances that trigger bad emotions.

Avoid reaction and wait until you return to calmness and when you have meditated enough about the problem. Even beautiful emotions can cause problems in the future.   So you need to take a great deal of your time for meditation before you act or do anything to avoid emotions ruining your life in the future.   

Create your mantra  

Simply enough; the mantra will enable you to be more knowledgeable about feelings without allowing them to control your mind and body. It’s always pleasant to take your time alone for meditation, but sometimes you forget to do this when you have intense emotions. When you find yourself in this situation, try to connect yourself with your mantra.    

Remember your feelings are not there no last forever – not permanent. And you are more significant than the feelings. This means that you can take control of your feelings. You have that ability.If you identify your emotions, become aware of them all, be a master of yourself and take your time well to meditate, then you can overcome the lack of control.

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