Do Brain Enhancing Drugs Enhance Productivity?

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Brain enhancing drugs are also known as nootropics, smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. They are drugs, supplements or other substances that boost cognitive function and help the user to become more positive, focused, motivated and productive. Nootropics work similarly to leisure drugs but for opposing reasons.

Leisure drugs help you to have more fun while nootropics help you to be more productive and better at work. They are used to boost retentive memory, creativity and productivity in healthy individuals. The popularity of nootropics is growing exponentially.

Despite some evidence of its success, nootropics use by medically sound individuals is still a controversial topic among neuroscientists, analysts, and general practitioners. Many are concerned about how ethical and fair it is for healthy individuals to use these drugs.

Some are concerned about possible adverse effects of long time use and the implication of diverting prescription drugs for non-medical uses. Irrespective of these concerns, the popularity of brain enhancing drugs is increasing every day.

How nootropics can enhance productivity

Cognitive enhancing drugs like Ritalin function by boosting the levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine or norepinephrine. They assist people to be more attentive, boost their memory and help to manage mood swings. They improve your mental alertness and lucidity.

They can assist you to be focused, make you mentally alert and boost your memory but may not be as effective for more intricate mental uses. They are broadly used as study drugs although there isn’t yet any official research evidence that showed it’s effective for exams.

Adrafinil, for example, is used to improve focus and alertness while L-Theanine helps people to get relaxed. They are potentially good with noticeable effects.

Groups of people who use a brain enhancer

The use of nootropics is growing and several smart people all over the world use brain enhancement drug for mental alertness and to boost their mental capacity.

University students, Silicon Valley programmers, scientists, Business managers and investment bankers all make use of nootropics to stay on top of the game.

Advocates of nootropics are of the opinion that these brain enhancers are much similar to psychoactive substance like caffeine which has no negative social effect. Some of the groups of people who make use of these brain enhancers are:

The elderly: Elderly men and women make use of nootropics to boost their memory and stay more mentally alert. The elderly and baby boomers take nootropics to minimize the effects of dementia and Alzheimer and enhance their retentive memory.

Biohackers: Biohackers who want to attain the best brain performance, boost their IQ, creative ability, and efficiency make use of nootropics. Dave Asprey a devoted user of modafinil was able to build his small industry using brain enhancers. He confessed that he’d continue to use it even if he notices that it will affect his life negatively. There are many enthusiastic biohackers like him.

Scientists:  A study conducted by found that a lot of scientists make use of cognitive enhancers to boost their memory, focus, and attentiveness. Among one thousand four hundred scientists from sixty countries, over twenty percent of them were found to be using brain enhancing drugs for non-medical reasons. Roughly, seventy percent of them admitted they’d love to try brain enhancer if brain enhancers should exhibit standard risk of mild side effects.

College students: The use of nootropics is popular among students. Many students use nootropics to boost their success in exams irrespective of the fact that there is no research that proves its safety and efficiency for this purpose. Some students use nootrotrics like Adderall, Ritalin, piracetam, and modafinil to help them study for long period of time and prevent sleep. Scientific surveys on the use of smart drugs found that 0.7 to 4.5 percent of German students have made use of brain enhancing drugs in their lifetime.

The military: Military men and women take brain enhancement drugs to conquer war’s exhaustion. Soldiers frequently, fall victim of just eating and sleeping. The US military spends one hundred million dollars searching for means to assist soldiers to be more mentally alert and reduce this fatigue. Studies funded by the Air Force Office found that modafinil intake boosted the cognitive scores of military personnel and kept them awake for nearly four consecutive days.

Individuals whose works are highly demanding: People in high pressure careers use brain enhancing drugs to stay competitive. Workers of Silicon Valley are usually well rewarded. However, to be able to meet up with the incessant pressures and long hours of work, staffs of the Silicon Valley take nootropics like Provigil to keep them alert to be able to code for twelve consecutive hours.

Silicon Valley programmers assert that nootropics boost mental alertness, focus and productivity but their effects are not as powerful as psychostimulants prescription medication like Adderall or modafinil nor do they result to similar side effects. Wall Street bankers use and regard Modafinil as a “brain Viagra.”

Regulation and safety of brain enhancement drugs

The major concern about use of cognitive-enhancing drugs is the possible occurrence of side effects as with standard pharmaceuticals. There is presently no scientific data that guaranteed long-term use safety of nootropics. Although many people worry that individuals who use cognitive enhancers could be addicted to stimulants, study on the therapeutic use of psycho-stimulants show that individuals who stick to just the recommended doses hardly suffer from addiction.

Regarding how safe it is to make use of nootropics, a 2015 systematic review showed that when you take clinically recommended doses, nootropics do not result in any behavioral and neuro-chemical procedures that characterize related class of medications. Instead, at such dosages, they function mainly as cognitive enhancers.

For example, Racetams are sold as over the counter nootropics for cognitive enhancements although the properties of nootropics and their mechanism of operation are not yet properly understood.

It is important to note that the market is not regulated and the FDA has not approved most nootropics marketed as brain enhancers. What this means is that most of these cognitive enhancing supplements in the market are not tested to prove their efficacy. However, some of them actually work and there are many testimonies to their effectiveness. Again, different constituents of these nootropics have been singularly approved as dietary supplements.

Accessibility and popularity

There are just a handful of drugs that have been scientifically proven to enhance brain function. Several medications are still being developed. The most frequently used brain enhancers are stimulants that contain caffeine.

These medications are mainly utilized in the treatment of cognitive disorders. However, studies found that they are widely being used for by healthy individuals for other purposes irrespective of the need for a conclusive research to prove efficacy.

Although scientific studies support that some of the compounds contained in these nootropics are beneficial, producers and marketers of these dietary supplements are commonly not officially tested and confirmed by independent bodies.

Basically, vendors of nootropics are drug dealers. A few of them are truly concerned about providing you with the most positive result while the rest are just after making a quick money off you.

Many users of nootropics aren’t willing to disclose their regimen because the field is still a loose dreary area. Therefore, it is advisable not to use nootropics without consulting with your medical personnel.

Concerns about the use of brain enhancing drugs

Apart from widespread doubt concerning the efficiency, a few concerns about brain enhancement drugs are as follows:

  • As with other medications, brain enhancing drugs can be addicted especially if the individual takes more than the recommended dose which can make stoppage difficult.
  • Students who make use of brain enhancing drugs are mostly nineteen to twenty-five years. The drugs could be injurious to their young brains that aren’t fully formed.
  • If you don’t have a doctor’s prescription, purchasing brain enhancing drugs can have some legal implications. Acquiring Ritalin outside a doctor’s prescription in the UK, for instance can put you behind the bars.
  • It is better to take the medications under a doctor’s supervision to avoid drug interactions and contraindications. Brain enhancing drugs must not be taken at the same time with alcohol or antidepressants so as not to react to these drugs.
  • Individuals who take brain enhancing drugs can stay awake for extended period of time. This could be useful short-term but in the long run they could result to insomnia. This could affect your brain health and function in the long run.
Are there Natural Alternatives to Brain Enhancement Drugs

There is currently prevalent use of brain enhancing drugs. What this will result to in the future can only be determined by time. Whether it will result to employees being tested for brain enhancement drugs as with illegal drugs like cocaine and others or be mixed into water cooler by executives for their workers to be more productive, only time will tell.

Luckily, there are alternative natural ways to boost brain power and productivity. These are natural nootropics that cause neither harm nor result to any adverse effect yet they are very powerful brain enhancers.

These natural brain enhancing lifestyle habits are powerful for nonstop long-term focus, productivity and mental alertness. Many of the world’s popular figures testify that their power of success emanates from their daily brain enhancing lifestyle habits like meditation and similar practices. Companies such as Google and related companies provide their managers and staffs with structured meditation programs to enhance their productivity.


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