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Coping with stop smoking side effects

Stopping smoking is a trial. As with stopping any addiction, there are going to be side effects that you experience, but if you arm yourself with knowledge before you stop smoking, then you’ll know what to expect and how to overcome it

One of the first fears of many smokers, especially women, is that by stopping smoking there will be an increase in weight. While some weight gain might happen, this is not a set in stone fact and can be quickly remedied.

The reason that many people gain weight after stopping smoking is because smoking keeps your appetite at bay. Because smoking is a habit, what happens is that many people simply exchange one habit for another and they replace the smoking habit with the eating habit.

You can counteract this side effect by embarking on a healthier food plan. Choose healthy food selections that will help you feel good and get started on an activity that you enjoy, but that can double as exercise.

Replace the smoking habit with the healthy eating and exercise habit. You can also enlist the help of friends, your doctor or a professional dietician if you’re worried about gaining.

Another side effect of stopping smoking is irritability. This irritability is a side effect of you wanting the nicotine. It will eventually pass, so stay focused on that. But in the meantime, you can deal with it by going for a short walk.

If you’re at the office, take a break and just walk around the office building. Use relaxation therapies and if the irritation becomes unbearable, then consider taking some aids like a patch or nicotine gum that can slowly lessen the feelings of irritability.

You might also notice feelings of anxiety or even depression. These emotional swings are all part of the nicotine withdrawal and will go away as you abstain from smoking. Dealing with the emotions of stopping smoking are easier if you’re getting support from someone else who has been successful with it.

You might also experience feeling bored, but you can combat that by taking up a new hobby working with your hands. Not being able to sleep is another side effect that can happen because of the nicotine withdrawal.

Don’t go to bed until you’re completely tired and avoid caffeine. Keep in mind that all of the emotions and everything you’ll experience after quitting smoking will not last. You will get through it if you hang in there.

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