Am I Confident? Quiz

confidence quiz

Confidence underpins so many of our decisions. Lack of confidence is often behind our decision not to take risks, or to be more generous. It’s the thing that keeps us trapped in relationships or those jobs we hate. Time to check your own confidence?

Am I Confident?

This quick quiz simply requires you make a yes or no decision. You must complete all questions. As with all other quizzes on this site, we do not store results. 


Are you self-conscious around other people?
Do you feel that others are judging you?
Do you find it hard to stand up for yourself?
Do you feel panicky if you have to speak in public?
Do you prefer to avoid public restrooms/toilets?
Do you worry a lot?
Do you avoid social situations?
Do you feel alone, even when you're in company?
Do people keep telling you to chill, calm down, or relax?
If you don't finish a task do you worry about it afterwards?
Are you concerned about your health, getting illness or diseases?
Are you troubled by thoughts that you've done something wrong, or perhaps hurt someone, physically or emotionally?
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