5 Things That Hold You Back In Life and How To Get Rid Of Them


By Evelyn: Our cultures, backgrounds, customs and even our friends and families may build limitations and fears that can hold us down. Even if you feel so, it’s vital that we all are doing our best to progress in this complex, but beautiful world.

It is important to bring out these negative influences and do the necessary to eliminate them. Here, I take a look at things that can hold us down and how to tackle them.

Not Identifying Your Weaknesses

If you had developed any habits or routines during your early adulthood or childhood years, there is a high probability that they will remain with you forever. Since all of us are looking forward to a stable life, we do not want these things dominating our existence. Once you get accustomed to these routines, You might miss out on noticing that these practices make you vulnerable.

You might like binge watching Netflix the day before your exams or a meeting. You might think that it can help you unwind. But, what many of us don’t understand is that we fail to get our job done or prepare for something important because of these habits.

Understanding that you have a weakness is the first and the biggest step. If we take alcohol consumption as an example, it is possible that alcohol helps in improving your life socially, but as a habit, it can be fatal. It can disturb your decision-making process and adversely affect your life. After all, if you know what your weakness is, you are halfway done in rectifying it.

Closing Your Mind To New Ideas And Perspectives

People say that we get wiser as we get older. But one’s understanding of something can never be entirely final. What may look right at the moment may be wrong at the very next. A settled perspective or point of view can always hold your back in your life. So, if you think that you know everything about leading your life, it’s high time you discard that thought. Be wise and be open to comments and most importantly learn from your past experiences.

At work or elsewhere, try to cooperate with your co-workers even if you don’t agree with them on every detail. If people can agree to disagree with respect for each other, then the different point of views can benefit everyone.


After planning something that could better one’s life, people often get discouraged thinking that it might not work. Has this ever happened to you? We humans are subject to similar negative thoughts and emotions. But, it is necessary to curb these feelings. If you think that you are going to fail, then you will end up failing.

Negativity may come from various sources, including your family and friends. So, even if you don’t cut all ties loose with them, a change in environment might be a good idea. Learning a new language or being involved in your favorite hobby etc. can help you curb these negative thoughts. Talking to people who share interests similar to yours can give you a fresh perspective as well.

Your Comfort Zone

It is said that nowadays, you cannot make a joke without offending someone. Each and everyone has their own comfort zone. It might comprise of their habits and beliefs as well. But, many people panic once they step out of their comfort zone. Anxiety and denial tend to overtake their thoughts.

Once you try to get out of your comfort zone, you might feel that you are outright lost, and it’s better to go back to doing things the way they were before. But, let me assure you, [bctt tweet=”if you are willing to change for good, there is a lot of stuff out there that can inspire” username=”JerryKennard”]. For achieving personal progress, stepping out of your comfort zone is necessary.

No one gets to be the best at the very first try. Humanity has evolved through trial and error. So it is important to make a mistake and learn from it.


Inability to Make a Plan and Stick to It

What is the most difficult part of a plan? Sticking to it. For example – you might decide to improve your physique and hit the gym. It may involve daily workouts. But, after a couple of days, we crave for a break and skip a day. This way, you are failing at your plan or schedule.

Willpower is the most necessary ingredient to make this happen. Thinking that you can rest today and work hard tomorrow is not going to work.

In short individual beliefs and habits of ours can restrict us from being happy and healthy. We need to adapt adequately to the fast changing world. This way, we can remain on the top.

Many tend to look for an ideal formula to make their lives perfect. Well, instead of wasting your time that way, keep yourselves challenged and try to be better at every step. This way you can steer out of your comfort zone. Once you do that, you will understand that your life has a beautiful meaning, and all your efforts will be worth it.

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