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5 simple ways you can take care of your feet

People will often forget to look after their feet. An essential body part, they take you everywhere you go in life – whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or down to the local coffee shop.

As with your arms or legs, you should take care of them in order to prevent mobility issues in the future.  

So if you find yourself frequently apologising to your feet, here are 5 simple ways that you can keep your feet happy!

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Over the years, it’s inevitable that your skin will get drier and thinner. And when this starts to happen to your feet, they can end up cracking and causing you pain. To help to prevent this and keep your skin soft, you can use moisturiser daily. By rubbing it into your feet after washing, you will be able to counteract the dryness. 

Wear Arch Support

The arches of your feet are important as they absorb a large amount of pressure when you walk or run – so you should make sure that you wear the correct support. The position of the arch of your feet will depend on your weight, age and if you are pregnant – all factors that can result in them flattening. When looking for orthotics and custom arch supports, you should compare them based on price, location and quality.

Buy Good Shoes

It might seem obvious, but if you want happy and healthy feet good shoes are a must. Now, you don’t have to wear shoes that are made for grandmas. But comfortable and supportive shoes will ensure that you don’t suffer from problems in the future. As nice as it might seem to wear heels everyday, the effect they can have on your feet are simply not worth it.

Stretch Your Feet Regularly 

Just like you do on a plane, it’s vital that you stretch your feet regularly. By stretching them, not only will it help to prevent and treat foot pain but it will help to relax you. If you don’t stretch, the muscles will tighten resulting in injury. 

So, stop working for a minute and take a moment to stretch your feet – it will feel fabulous!

Try To Maintain A Healthy Weight

You might be thinking, ‘well this is a tale as old as time’. But maintaining a good weight isn’t only just about keeping your blood pressure regular and your heart healthy. By being overweight, you will be putting a large amount of force on your feet with each step that you take. Not only is this incredibly painful but it increases the chance of arthritis and other foot problems. It can also lead to diabetes – which could result in general pain, the loss of sensation in your feet and in some cases, amputation.

There you go! There’s 5 simple ways that you can take care of your feet. No matter what your age or lifestyle, foot health is important. By making at least one of these changes, you will start to see a difference. So, what are you waiting for?

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