100 Reasons to Write a Book

Ever considered writing a book but never got around to it? Well, maybe you should. There’s never been a better time or easier ways to get published than now. Who knows, you may have the next best seller inside you. So, if you’re looking for reasons to write a book, look no further:

Why Write a Book

1. Writing a book enables you to express your inner-hero.

2. It can enhance your critical and creative thinking.

3. You may live forever as people will be reading you book.

4. Go beyond reality and explore fiction.

5. It develops your vocabulary.

6. It’s fun.

7. It enhances your creativity and imagination.

8. Writing improves your communication skills.

9. It’s a way to test the level of your perseverance.

10. You get to understand the world better.

11. It broadens your mind and outlook.

12. It enhances a feeling of completion as you have authority over your work.

13. You learn more than you write.

14. You will have no time for stress and depression.

15. It’s a way of feeling invigorated.

16. You might become a world celebrity (or a local one).

17. It’s a safe way to confront authority without offending anyone.

18. It enables you to be yourself.

19. It lets people view the world from your unique perspective.

20. It develops self-discipline.

21. It’s about setting and achieving goals. 

22. Write a book to experience the magic of living in the world of fiction.

23. It enhances your reminiscence. Memory is a important tool for writing a book.

24. You may make money. Some people have made fortune, others a modest income.

25. You are unique; your story is new to everyone else.

26. Writing a book can be simple; you can write about your own experiences.

27. It keeps your mind active.

28. Writing uses up energy. Burn a little extra fat off!

29. Book-based research is at your fingertips, thanks to the Internet.

30. You learn to be focused. 

31. It develops confidence. It’s refreshing to accomplish what many people think is impossible.

32. Writing enables you to become a good listener. Writing and listening skills go hand in hand because it aids description.

33. Make friends. Those who enjoy reading your book will be like-minded.

34. Understand yourself. One way to understand how you think is through your works.

35. Become a threat to bad guys. Writing is a mirror that reflects both good and bad deeds society – and bad guys fear to be exposed.

36. You could become a voice of reasoning as people reference your work. You therefore have a lot to contribute in the world.

37. You can write from anywhere anytime.

38. To write a successful book you need to follow writing rules. This gives you the ability to follow directions.

39. It’s the surest way of keeping record and history.

40. Whatever is written cannot be done away with. Write a book and you will make a life-time impact.

41. Writing calls for good organisational skills. These become more refined each time you write.

42. In a world where there’s lots of noise sometimes the silent act of reading makes the biggest impression.

43. After a good day of writing you’ll sleep like a baby.

44. Through writing a book you learn new stuff every day. 

45. Writing provides an opportunity to express your feelings intuitively.

46. You can write at any age. The author, Peter May, wrote his first age four.

47. Writing is both pleasurable and exiting.

48. Writing is flexible. You therefore can decide to write a book on the niche you are comfortable with.

49. It’s a way of overcoming procrastination and avoiding depression. This is because you feel relieved after you’ve unburdened those ideas.

50. The more you write the more you love writing.

51. It gives purpose and meaning to life.

52. Writing improves your vocabulary and communication skills

53. Just like watching a movie is it’s entertaining – but more enriching.

54. You never know, your book could be celebrated around the globe.

55. Depending on the topic, you become an expert. 

56. You may meet other writers and learn from them.

57. People will never know that you can write if you never do.

58. Writing a book enables you to understand the way other people view the world.

59. By making and developing your characters you are able to view the world from many different perspectives.

60. Boosts your self-esteem.

61. It opens up possibilities, like winning awards or prizes.

62. Writing is therapeutic.

63. It boosts your observational skills as you want to capture every detail of you character’s actions.

64. It boosts your leadership skills.

65. It offers an opportunity to be the first to discover a story.

66. Every moment you write you become a little smarter.

67. It’s a way to get your message across to a big audience.

68. Publishing is easy. This is because after writing your book, you can visit publishing websites like Lulu, or Amazon, and start selling your book.

69. If successful you may be invited to address people during conferences, rallies or book signings.

70. It’s a way to educate your superiors. Those who think you have nothing to offer will find themselves referring to your ideas.

71. Writing is a gift. If you can write a book then you are talented.

72. You lose nothing by writing a book.

73. You lose a lot of opportunities by not writing.

74. People will trust and have confidence in your reasoning. Consequently you could be given leadership posts.

75. All you need is a book, and a pen and you are set.

76. Writing a book makes you conscious of yourself.

77. It enhances self esteem.

78. You feel good when you share your ideas with the world.

79. To improve your reading skills. You need to know that great writers are great readers as well.

80. Make new discoveries. Through writing a book you come to know new things through research that you could not otherwise have know.

81. It enhances your mental health.

82. To eliminate bad thoughts. When you are busy developing your story you don’t think about heartbreaks.

83. Improve your analytical skills through writing.

84. Through writing you explore the world of fantasy to the fullest.

85. You feel relaxed after you complete your book.

86. You will never feel lonely when writing a book.

87. Create your mental movie through writing.

88. Writing a book is a way of getting into people’s hearts and playing with their emotions.

89. Improve you general life. Through the skills you acquire through writing you can change your lifestyle.

90. You become more romantic  – when you write romance stories.

91. Enables you to understand and appreciate other people’s cultural believes.

92. You can question both reason and faith.

93. To create awareness in the broadest sense of the word.

94. You become attractive to those who like reading.

95. Through writing a book you share you experiences enabling others to learn.

96. Your reasoning capacity and creativity is above average.

97. It’s great way to pass time.

98. Writing a book doesn’t interfere with your normal schedule; you can write during your free time.

99. It improves grammar.

100. You’ll finish a book feeling like a different person. It’s a positive experience.

 Well, now you know why write a book, it’s up to you. And, if you’ve read to this point, then you know you should write a book. Don’t let us hold you up!


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