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Your No Nonsense Guide to Positive Ageing

While getting physically older may be a fact of life, along with the aches and pains that come with it, it doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy our golden years.

In fact, there are many strategies we can use to get the most out of our lives as we age. The most important of which you can read about in the post below.

Stay connected socially

You may think hopping on Facebook a few times a day is enough to keep you connected socially as you get older, but this is rarely the case. In fact, what we really need at all stages of our lives, not just the later ones, is genuine face to face contact with others.

Sadly, due to mobility and health problems, older people are at a high risk of becoming isolated. That is why it is so important to do all that you can to counteract this.

Luckily there are several tactics that you can employ to ensure that you get some quality human interaction most days. The first one is to join social, sports, and hobby clubs after you retire, which will ensure that you get as much interaction each day as possible.

Alternatively, some folks choose to live in a retirement community where they are surrounded by others in a similar situation, something that means they have plenty of people and activities around them to keep them as socially connected as possible.

Lastly, others, as they age, choose to move in with their immediate family. Something that can help them to stay much more integrated into their communities and social life, and so can be a very positive way of living as they get older.   

Look after your physical health

When it comes to getting older in a positive way, taking care of your physical health is a vital element. After all, while we cannot prevent the aging of the body, we can do so much to slow it and to keep our health for as long as possible.

Eating healthy is an essential part of aging positively.

In fact, one of the smartest ways of doing this is to eat healthily. Of course, the problem here is that with so much advice on what is healthy and what is not, it can be very confusing.

In particular, many people swear by a mostly vegetarian diet as they age, as they suggest it minimises the risk of diseases, and also help to maintain energy levels. However, some now also favour a ketogenic diet, one that is low in carbohydrates that is, as this can stabilise blood sugar levels and help in preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes. A condition that becomes more common as we get older.

Additionally, many people highlight the importance of fibre, as well as supplements ad the body gets older. In fact, some supplements such as fish oil are said to help not only with joint problems and stiffness but also mental functioning as well, making it an essential strategy for positive aging.

Of course, staying healthy as you get older isn’t just about what you eat, but maintain your physical fitness and mobility as well. What that means is that exercise is a crucial aspect of ageing positively.

Don’t panic, though, because this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start running marathons or spending hours in the gym if you don’t want to. In fact, there are a whole range of physical activities that you can do that will help you to stay spry and agile as you age.


In particular, many people like to take up some form of dancing from Zumba to Ballroom. The reason being that it’s excellent for flexibility, and coordination as well as proving a thorough workout.

Alternatively, some folks find that heading outside for a daily hike or walk can provide just the right amount of exercise they need as they age, as well as a healthy dose of fresh air and vitamin D as well. The latter being essential for both positive mood and bone health as we get older.

Look after your mental health

Mental health is also an area that it is well worth taking care of as you age. In fact, the risk of particular conditions such as anxiety, depression, and even dementia rises as we age. Something that means it is well worth spending some time educating yourself on these subjects.

After all, prevention is always better than cure, but there is much that can be done if you catch such conditions early now, both to halt their progress,  and to ensure that you maintain a good quality of life.

Keep striving towards your goals

Many people look on their old age as a time where they get to slow down and ‘smell the roses’, and this is definitely a positive way to be and is discussed in more detail below. However, what it is also important to remember is that just because you are retired and getting older, it doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up on all your goals.

In fact, it is often the goals we have in life, including the things we want to achieve and the places that we want to visit that keeps us motivated. To that end, it’s crucial that you replace career-oriented goals with other ones in life, such as contributing something positive to the community like volunteering, learning a new skill, or even going back to school.

Of course, doing any of these things will also provide you with opportunities for social interaction, and mental stimulation, as well as additional motivation to stay as physically fit and active as possible. Something that makes them a fantastic way of aging positively.

Stop and smell the roses

Finally, one of the best things about getting older is that you get a little more time to slow down appreciate what is going on around you. This is what some people called ‘stopping to smell the roses.’

Of course, this can be a very positive aspect of aging because it means that you are likely to be less wrapped up in work stress. Additionally, it will provide you with the opportunity to be more mindful of your body, emotions, and in interaction with others. Something that can enhance the positivity of your life, no end, no matter what your age.

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