Using a Vision Board For Life Goals

Vision Boards Give Focus
In order to energise your life goals you need a focus and the simplest way of providing that is using a vision board. A vision board can be as big or small as you wish. You can use the back of your bedroom door, a wall, a pin board, your computer or even Pinterest.

How it Works

It’s up to you how you arrange your vision board but here are some tips to get you started. You could start by placing an image of yourself in the middle. This should be one of your happy shots, not the one you wish had never been taken, or the one that reminds you of the crappy day it was taken.

Surround your image with the things you wish for in life. If it’s a car, get a picture of the exact model you want. Do the same with the other goals, whether it’s places to visit, a pile of cash, a dog and so on. Don’t crowd the board. Keep it fairly tidy and don’t stack images on top of one another.

Make at least a few of your goals within easy striking distance. Long-term and very ambitious goals are great but they may feel too distant if your vision board is stuffed with them.

Don’t forget the things that inspire you. There’s more to life that acquiring stuff. Perhaps you want to explore spirituality? Maybe you want to get fitter, so find a body shape or person you admire and put them on your vision board as a reminder.

Vision boards work because they form a bridge between our dreams and the potential of turning those dreams into reality. Your big dream could become the wallpaper on your mobile device. Your other dreams could be clustered on Pinterest.

It can be helpful to keep those images close to hand. When you wonder why you’re slogging give yourself an energy boost by looking over your vision board and reminding yourself what it’s all for.

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