Use Hearing to Motivate Yourself

hearHarnessing our senses can offer huge potential as motivational tools. When it comes to hearing we’re often bombarded by background noise. Often we can filter this out by thinking our own thoughts or by choosing what we’d prefer to listen to. This is where we can use an opportunity and focus our hearing to make it a platform for motivation.


As we all know,can have a massive effect on mood. This is an opportunity for anyone wishing to boost their motivation. Make a list of the music that motivates you for different activities. If you want to exercise your list will probably be different to if you need to write or study. It has to be your list and it has to motivate rather than distract you.

Audio books

are as varied as the topics you’ll find on any book site. Sometimes the spoken word is so much more accessible than reading a book. It’s also more convenient and more private. We can sit on a crowded train and listen to a motivational book without anyone knowing. Few people want to read a self-help book while others are looking over their shoulder and making judgements.

Mp3 tracks

are also easy to find and cover everything from relaxation techniques, to self-hypnosis, to self-affirmations. These are often available with the voice of the author. If, for example, you want to hear Ghandi rather than read his words this is the way forward. Some people like the sounds of nature or aspects of life. Whether it’s bird song or the rattle and hiss of steam trains the chances are it’s out there for you.


Now this may sound a bit weird but a timer is a good way of getting going with long, boring or complex tasks. Let’s say you hate doing household chores. I’m on pretty firm ground with this one because most people dislike routine chores. But if someone said ‘do what you can in five minutes’ even the most reluctant cleaner is okay with that. So you set your timer and you blitz as many chores as you can. When you hear the timer you stop and take stock of what’s been done. You’ll probably be surprised at what you can pack in over a short time.

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