Summer Reading and Relaxation


readingPreviously we posted an article about the joy of reading and of being read to. The way a book has the abililty to help us escape our troubles and provides us with time to simply sit and let the world go by.

I recently rediscovered the beloved pleasure of trawling charity bookshops. Searching the isles, exploring books I would never think to consider downloading on a Kindle and in turn giving a little to a well-needed cause.

Below I have put together a list of my most valued reads. Some are old and some are more recent but all had the power to absorb me totally. I can say whole-heartedly that these books have helped me seek happiness and relaxation when I have needed it most. I also hope that you can take a moment to pull yourself into a charity shop or two to find these novels and in turn make a few discoveries of your own.

As always I love to hear from those engaging with Positivity so feel free to post your own recommendations and reviews through our twitter, Facebook or Insta: positivity_guides.


The time traveller’s wife has captured the hearts of many of my fellow reading friends and I was recommended this with such conviction I couldn’t say no. I am so very glad I didn’t. The story is compelling, thought provoking and simply put romance at its finest and least ‘gooey’. P.S read the book don’t just watch the DVD.

The Time Traveler’s Wife



Carlos Ruiz Zafon is a splendidly evocative writer. This book is particularly pleasing if you have been to Barcelona or plan to travel through any time soon. The story is easy to read but not simplistic and because of this I liked it even more. I was able to pick it up on an evening after work and immediately be pulled back into the story.

The Shadow Of The Wind




If you are one drawn to magic or the belief that there is a little more to the world than meets the eye then you will love this book. The book is built around a circus that simply appears and only opens at night.


The Night Circus



A lovely heart warming and numerous read about an old man that decides that there is more out there and on his 100th birthday escapes his elderly home to set of on adventure.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared



Not one for everyone but if you like a dry sense of humour you’ll love this book.

Terry Pratchett seems to bring to light the more cynical side to life through a great read based upon two ‘angels’ one

from heaven and one from hell who are pulled together by the impending apocalypse.

Good Omens


by Sophie

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