Positives of Being Introvert

I just recently accepted the fact that I am an introvert, and with it, a new perspective. Since I began to understand who I was and moving on with it, I can see points in my life when accepting it much sooner would have been more beneficial. I could have saved myself a lot of trouble but realized we need to learn things our way.

Now that I have a better idea of who I am, I can see the benefits of the introvert and how they can apply to everyday life. We introverts can use these attributes to our advantage if we understand and implement them in even the smallest aspects of our lives.

2 Ears, 1 Mouth

Introverts are excellent listeners. And, as I am an introvert, I know I listen well. Growing up, I remember being the one most wanted to talk to about certain issues.

Granted, I was trustworthy, but I would listen more than I spoke. I had a run at selling cars for about a year (I was still untruthful to myself and faced uncomfortable situations daily, but did learn a lot) and one of the strongest phrases that stuck with me was “You have two ears and one mouth. Listen twice as much.”

Not only does this pertain directly to sales, but can be implemented in our every day lives. Listening more than you speak opens people up to offer more without you even asking. It gives you a better understanding of the individual, and if you are introverted, you have probably already experienced this.

How We Assess The Situation

Being introverted gives me a chance to evaluate things more thoroughly, about the “2 ears, one mouth” saying. The more you listen, the more time you can understand and assess the situation.

Nothing is worse than doing nothing at all, but the introvert tries to know more about the situation before they react. Between the options of doing nothing, overreacting or understanding the situation, I’m much happier to have the traits to listen and read over anything else.

Finding Inner Peace

Perhaps because I am an introvert, I see the introverted personality as an asset when truly attempting to figure out who you are and finding inner peace.

We tend to keep to ourselves, which offers us time to think about things. This can be a double edged sword, good thoughts just as present as negative thoughts, but the introvert allows themselves more time to figure it out.

In contrast, the extravert may react more indecisively, leading down an incorrect path in haste. Impressionable to what others think, the extrovert may waiver between what they think they should be and what they simply should be.

In truth, all these attributes would have been highly beneficial if recognized and practiced earlier on in life. It almost can seem to be wasted time looking back at when I was not true to myself, but there is no room for regret. Time passes, and so do our perspectives on life.

Introverted: Advantage or Drawback?

There has been a lot of discussion about whether being an introvert is a good thing or not. The truth is that there are a lot different opinions on this subject.

There are introverts who believe that their personality is their biggest advantage; there are, on the other hand, introverts who are not glad to have an introverted personality; and there are extraverts who, being different in nature, don’t understand the whole concept of ‘turning to your own inner world’.

So, is being an introvert a drawback? Actually, it is not. We need not be introverted in all situations. It’s quite possible to have fun and even be the center of the party as an introvert. It’s just that we draw our strength from our own time. So it’s all about balance. 

Solving Problems

Having great observational skills and being a very good listener, an introvert is often considered to be a good thinker. Most commonly, a person with an introverted personality will easily recognize the core of a problem, and having a more open mind they will more readily approach the problem and solve it.

The fact that introverts can step into the shoes of extraverts proves that they can think and act in two opposite ways, which is one of the most efficient techniques in solving problems. People with an extraverted personality, on the other hand, are not prone to turning to their ‘introverted side’ and acting upon it.

Quality of Life

People who are tuned to their inner world are in most instances characterized as people who don’t make friends effortlessly. This is sometimes true, but the friendships and all the other relationships introverts form are long lasting and meaningful.

It means that a person with an introverted personality will do everything that is in their power to form a relationship that they’ll be able to rely on. They will invest their time, their affection, and devote their whole being to a person that they want to include in their lives. Would you like a friend like that?

According to a definition, this makes introverts highly accepted by the society, rather than making them shy and lonely.

A Story: Successful At Sales

Bob was a quiet man. He spoke softly. He didn’t belong to a country club and never had a skybox to a baseball or football game. He never slapped me on the back or told me an off-color joke. If he ever closed on me, I never felt it. And while he always dressed appropriately, he never overdressed with expensive suits and jewelry. He drove a nice but not too garish car. Lunch with Bob was more likely to be Denny’s than a trendy bar.

But what he did do was to look after every printing need I ever had. He knew printing inside and out. Sometimes, he would tell me that his firm would not compete for a particular job, but that he knew another company who could. I never was left in the dark about when my order would be finished. And when there was an issue, as there is inevitably in any business relationship, he took total responsibility and resolved my concerns quickly. As you might expect, Bob was successful not only with me but also with many other loyal clients. You can imagine why.

Let’s look at him from a customer’s perspective. He was not quiet; he was a good listener. He was not just studious; his product knowledge outshone any of his competitors. He did obsess over details, but his dedication saved me many an embarrassing moment. Now there may be some skeptics out there. Of course, handling accounts can be the introvert’s domain, but what about new business? Don’t you have to be aggressive to get new business?

Of course, you do. But there are different ways to be aggressive. Bob was consistently the top salesman for his printing company, and I don’t think he ever made a cold call. That’s because he had a sales force of hundreds of customers like me singing his praises and building his business. He was aggressive at being good.

Was Bob an introvert? Probably. Was he a success? He was very successful at being himself and serving his customers. Something to think about!

By Sherry

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