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Pain that’s driving you insane?

Pain can come in all
shapes and forms. It can be that short sharp pain when you stub your toe, but is so intense that you scream the place down with all sorts of foul language.

Or it can be the long term pain that’s causing millions of people suffering every single day. No matter what type of pain it is, we don’t like to deal with it, but it seems that putting up with it is what we do. So many of us live our lives taking pain killers that don’t work half of the time, and not actually exploring other avenues that could help to take it all away.

So, this post is going to point you in multiple different pain relief directions, in the hope that you can someday soon live your life without pain. If you really are suffering, then you should be ready and waiting to try ideas like these!

Regular Pain Relief

Pain relief is something you can just walk into the store and get, and everyone assumes that just because it’s over the counter, that it’s not going to be strong enough to battle serious pain. So people go to the doctors, and get prescribed the strong pain relief that has all sorts of side effects.

When over the counter pain relief is taken regularly, rather than as and when, it’s going to have the same effect as a stronger prescription medication. So read the packet and see what it tells you to take, and then start taking it regularly. Paracetamol given through an IV which is the cannula you’d have in hospital, is more effective than morphine. But it’s not like you can just hook yourself up to an IV every morning, but taking the tablets regularly will have the same effect.

The New Pain Relief On The Block

There’s always new pain relief being tested and rolled out to us as the public, but there are some that are a bit more unorthodox than others. The one that everyone is talking about at the minute, which is one of the most natural forms and can seriously change your life, is marijuana.

Once the stigma settles, it’s easy to see the benefits of this drug. From being a muscle relaxant to a calming stimulus, it can ease your body into a state of tranquil, slowly releasing the pain for you. There’s so many different ways of taking it, from using dab rigs to eating it, you can do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

More states and more countries are making this wonder drug legal, because as far as narcotics go, this one isn’t actually going to do you much harm if you take it right. 

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

So we all know that it can be hard to get doctors to listen straight away, and if your pain is crippling you, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Go and see a private pain specialist and see what they would recommend. They’re specialists at what you’re dealing with, and could seriously help your suffering.

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