Life Balance Quiz

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s reasonable and what isn’t in terms of work-life balance. If you’re at all curious about your own situation, take our quiz to see how you’re doing:

Check Your Life Balance Quiz:

Please answer all the questions by selecting 'true' or 'false'. As with all our quizzes, no data is stored.

I am spending more time than ever at work or on work-related activities
I usually feel I've run out of time at the end of the day and I'm left worried about the things I didn't manage to get done.
I don't have time for myself, let alone my family or friends.
Social meetings are nearly always rushed. Even if they aren't my head is busy with what still needs to be done at work.
On most days, my time is scheduled with some activity, or there is something urgent to accomplish.
I don't know who I am anymore. I sometimes wonder why I chose this job.
I'm struggling to recall the last time I just sat back and did nothing for any length of time.
I don't have much fun and rarely do things just because I want to.
I feel stressed out much of the time and I lose patience easily.
It's hard to unwind at the end of the day. I can struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep.
My life is a blur. There's hardly a minute to catch a breath.
If I try to read a book or watch a movie I either fall asleep or my mind drifts to work issues.
I want more time for myself only I never seem to get it.
I often have to postpone or rearrange social engagements or I'm frequently late because of work issues.
I'm usually tired in the morning. Even after the weekend I feel exhausted.
I should really spend more time with my spouse/partner/children/family
People depend on my income, but I'm also expected to be available for important family dates and social events. I feel torn and misunderstood.
I usually bring home work at the end of the day. I usually have to work on days off.
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