Is low self-esteem self-fulfilling?

Sometimes, a person’s fears can become so strong that they play themselves out; becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

This happens a lot for people with low self-esteem. Low self-esteem itself can easily become somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

What Is Self-Esteem?

Many people are unaware of the true definition of self-esteem. It is much deeper than self-confidence, and even deeper than believing in one’s self. Truthfully, self-esteem is a measure of one’s self-worth and self-respect. It is important to realize that you are worthy of happiness, of love, and of every good in the world.

Understanding a Vicious Cycle

Often, self-esteem circles in on itself and creates a vicious cycle. For example, the person feels that they are not worthy or good enough for a promotion and so they don’t bother applying; therefore they don’t get the position, causing them to feel even worse about his or herself.

Where Does It Start?

A lot of times a low self-esteem begins somewhere during childhood. There might have been a tragic event, abusive behavior either towards the child or within sight, or it could be learned from a parent. Other times a tragic event or setback can cause low self-esteem.

Where Does It End?

There is an end to the vicious cycle, but it is up to the person to truly find themselves and believe in a better path. Sometimes it takes the help of loved ones or even therapists to overcome the power of low self-esteem.

The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Low self-esteem can easily become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Allowing yourself to think that you aren’t worth something good happening and not working towards improvement will help those self-depreciating ideas flourish and eventually come to life.

It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Low self-esteem doesn’t have to be there forever. It is possible to overcome the ties of low self-worth and learn to love and respect one’s self. The cycle can be broken.

How to Overcome

Anyone can overcome low self-esteem and break the vicious cycle of the self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes it takes the help of friends, family, and other loved ones. When it comes down to it, though, it is ultimately up to that person to learn their own self-worth.

You Have the Power

If you struggle with low self-esteem and find yourself in a cycle of unfortunate circumstance, know that you have the power to bring yourself up and break the cycle. Know that you are a beautiful, wonderful person that is both capable and deserving of love and respect, both from others and from yourself.

Self-esteem can be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn’t have to. Understanding the cycle and where low self-esteem comes from are the first steps to breaking the cycle. After that, it is up to the person to truly find the self-worth and respect to do better for themselves.

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