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appsSince technology and smartphones helps to quicken the pace of work and life it only seems fair that they should as well help us recover too. So, when I saw Sophie’s call to action in app happy I couldn’t resist the challenge. Okay, no app can seriously compare to time with nature, loved ones, exercise or meditation but there are plenty that promise to calm us, boost our happiness and make us more grateful. If that helps provide a little distraction and happiness on the commute to work its got my vote! Here are 7 of my favorites worth considering:


Happify has a free basic version that uses the science of happiness to offer research-backed joy promoting positive vibes to the palm of your hands (or desktop). It all starts by you specifying your personal goals and targets, and then Happify offers a customized daily list of activities to help you achieve them. It only takes a few minutes per day. It has fun exercises games that can help you break free from negative thinking patterns, learn how to deal with challenging situations and be inspired to push further. You can also get your happy scores and track you progress as you go along. 


Talkspace features Unlimited Messaging Therapy which allows you sent unlimited messages to your therapist, while still maintaining an anonymous and confidential environment. Charges range from $49 a week to $630 a year. This is quite good if you have a gruelling schedule or if you prefer the privacy that comes with this therapy. Getting started is pretty easy; after signing up, a specialist offers you a free consultation after which they pair you up with a therapist who can best meet your needs. You can then message your therapist whatever you want, whenever you want in the private chat room. You also get to access public therapy forums with over 70,000 members, or schedule for a video therapy.

Gratitude Journal 

Keeping a gratitude journal is the best way to stay focused on positive and good things in life. Having a gratitude journal lets you do exactly that. You can journal the happenings that you are grateful about and later look back on all the sweet things that sparked feelings of gratitude. You can also tag Facebook friends, photos, geotag your favorite locations and share the things you are grateful for with your loved ones. The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes. 


This is another interesting app that features nature sounds, guided meditation, and a step-by-step guide on finding that elusive peace of mind. Calm is an excellent app that can come to your rescue when the crazy paced world gets a little too much and you aren’t able to just duck out and mouse away to the woods. It is also available on iTunes and Google Play Store. 


Headspace is what I would call a workout for your mind. The app provides guided tips on how to meditate and tones of content focused on conscious eating, creativity, increasing happiness, open-hearted living and decreasing stress. It comes with a social element that allows you to loop in your friends on your journey to finding joy and fulfilment. Using this app for 10 minutes a day for 10 days has been shown to improve focus, mood and general skills for coping with life’s ups and downs. Available on iTunes and Google play store for Apple iOS and Android respectively.


This is arguably the most powerful and advanced sleep and power nap system. It helps you relax, calm down and drop easily into deep sleep or nap. It achieves this using neuro-linguistic programming, sound effects, natural bits and relaxing music. I am not sure what all those things mean, but what I do know is that every time you use Pzizz, it creates a different calming sound that helps you catch a nap, or a great night’s deep sleep. Available on Google Play Store and iTunes. 

Mood Kit

Mood Kit utilizes psychology to help you lighten up your mood. It has a way of helping you discover unhealthy negative behaviors and thought patterns so you can identify and ditch them. Mood Kit features over 200 mood enhancement activities, mood charts to track your mood swings, guides to recognize and alter stress-inducing thoughts, a space to journal, and so much more. Available on iTunes.

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