Am I Too Angry? Quiz

am I too angry

So, you’re a bit prone to losing your temper, but isn’t everyone? Maybe you think you’re more angry than you used to be, but are you too angry? Take the quiz to find out, and assess the possible reasons.

Please answer all the questions by selecting 'yes' or 'no'. As with all our quizzes, no data is stored.

Does waiting in line, or having to wait for other people, really annoy you?
Have you ever been so angry that you can't remember what you said, or did?
Have you ever been cautioned, disciplined, or arrested due to actions stemming from anger?
Do you shout, swear and gesture at other drivers when they annoy you?
Do you think over and over about things that upset you during the day?
Do people treat you with caution in case you get irritable or angry?
Do you find it hard to forgive people who have upset or wronged you in the past?
Have you ever been so annoyed that you've hit someone?
Do you use alcohol or drugs as a way to help calm yourself down?
Do you tend to bottle up your feelings?
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