Make a Positive First Date Impression

So, you finally have that date you’ve been longing for after months of crushing on that soul mate of your dreams? But wait, does the idea of that first date give you goosebumps thinking of how to plan it? Keep calm!

A first date can be tricky, and even for the most confident among us it can be daunting task. Here are just but a few tips of do’s and don’ts to make that first impression on your first date.

1. Plan it

This tip is precisely for men. Be sure to have the answer on the location and time, where and when in that matter. Choose a location that is favorable to a conversation. Movie locations are not recommended in this case as both of you will be focused on the screen other than having an interactive date. If you’re uncertain about the level of commitment or simply don’t want to come over as heavy suggest meeting for a coffee. If it works you could maybe go on or plan something more. A casual meal is less intimidating than something in a five star restaurant. Try to calculate what your date might like and work with that. Day time dates are fine too. A walk around a zoo or a park can be really good fun. There’s stuff to talk about and this reduces those awkward silences that can occur when looking across a table at someone.

2. Be confident

Confidence makes personality. This is what defines you and tells more about you. As a man you don’t want to be the shy type on a first date to a lady you intend to pursue or are already pursuing. She may be put off you right away. A lady needs some manly features out of you and that of course doesn’t entail being timid. And as a lady, you don’t want to be the introvert that makes the date gloomy with the man doing a questionnaire kind of date other than an interactive date. In as much as you may be one, its not advisable to expose your weaknesses on the first date. Work on it prior to this.

3. Dress to impress

With an anticipated date, you don’t want malfunctions of your wardrobe on the last minute. Before settling on what to wear, consider external factors like weather and the kind of date you’re going.

4. Arrive on Time

This will definitely define the kind of person you are. Lateness is deemed as a way of sloppiness. A sure way of reducing the chance of a good date is turning up late wracked with guilt. Apologize with dignity if held up or stuck in traffic. Make sure to throw up a big smile on arrival just to get over that moment you arrive late (but kindly avoid it at all costs).

5. Keep the conversation light

The first date is all about enjoying each others company and so avoid provoking topics such as past relationships or unnecessary debates that may lead to differing in opinions. Be engaging and keep it fun. A bit of humor plays a huge part in this.

6. Listen

Don’t be too talkative. Give a chance to also listen to your date and respond appropriately. Make sure to have an opinion to every conversation, a positive one in that case.

What to Avoid

Do not be gross. Be careful not to do things like picking your nose, laughing hysterically or belching in front of your date. This can be extremely displeasing.

Do not order messy foods. As it is the first date mistakes probably brought about by nervousness may happen. This in turn may cause panic or embarrassment. Be careful in the type of food or drinks you ask for. Do not order for messy foods. Sauce-flinging pastas tend to be something to leave to a later date.

Do not talk too much  The first date is probably one that you’ll learn a lot of new stuff with your partner. Listening is part and parcel of learning what kind of a person you are about to commit to. Don’t let such a time be all about you. Do not engage in so much talk and forget you still have a lot to learn from your partner.

Do not talk about your exes Don’t be a mercy seeking love hunter. Regardless of what may have happened in your past relationship, do not bring such a topic up. If your partner does or asks you about it, don’t stay on the topic longer than necessary. The time for such a talk will come at a later date.

Do not tell your whole life story Keep the conversation light and fun. Remember it’s just a date so revealing your entire life from childhood can make you such a bore! Avoid this at all costs. It makes one appear a little unbalanced.

A first date is the ultimate definer of your character. Its a guide to what and who you are about to engage with and be more committed. It is therefore important to consider such key tips towards a successful first date and make that first impression a lasting impression!

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