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‘Don’t be sad
have sex instead’ said no one ever. I think if I expressed a blue day to a friend and they gave me this advice I’d either spit out my wine laughing or have a tiny urge to slap them, but truth be told research is pointing their devilishly dirty finger at the facts. Sex is good for you.

I for one was not particularly convinced by this, it seemed too easy for male and female magazines to promote sex especially with their airbrushed beauties sitting on the front cover. But when I saw, the NHS had even gone out of their way to explain the benefits of love and sex I started to look a further.

This is not to say we should all suddenly download tinder and start swiping frantically hoping to keep ourselves ‘healthy’ tonight but the facts remain positive.

Sex is good for your heart (boom- boom). Apparently, we should all be having 150 minutes of cardio a week. Either meet James Bond weekly or add a little hanky-panky with your other half into your well-being regime. Side note: it’s probably not appropriate to go and get your Fitbit on before you start.

Sex relieves stress

The science: it lowers your blood pressure which results in an overall stress reduction and a jolly good release of endorphins meaning you’ll feel more relaxed and probably a little happier too.

Sex boosts self- esteem (apparently). 

The Archives of Sexual behaviour published that one of the notably 237 reasons humans like sex is a confidence boost. We see ourselves as more attractive, we feel more confident and we walk away from the experience feeling happier.

Sex improves bladder control.

This fact is for the 30% that struggle with this issue. Having an orgasm leads to stronger pelvic floor muscles by strengthening and toning the area.

Sex could lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Although research continues a couple of studies have produced findings that regular sex (21 times a month in one study) appeared to have links to a lower diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Sex improves sleep.

Not only will the use of energy during the act help you sleep but the release of a hormone known as prolactin. This wonderful hormone is naturally secreted by the body to promote feelings of relaxation and sleep. Night night ladies and gents.

Sex not too bad for the heart.

There’s good news for people worried that sex might cause a heart attack! Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute in the US have reviewed medical records over 13 years and found that only 34 of 4557 patients died during, or within one hour, of having sex. Of the 34 who died, 32 were men. 

by Sophie

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