Test your body language skills quiz

What beliefs and attitudes do you hold? Learn more about your mindset and the assumptions you may hold on to without even realizing it. 

When the face and body of the person we’re communicating with are absent it’s easier to misinterpret their intentions.

The face is normally the first part of the body we observe, but body language is a substantial part of our communication; maybe as much as 80 per cent.

So, while the voice might say one thing, body language might be giving a different message entirely. This is why a basic grasp of body language is so helpful in understanding human communication and knowing how best to respond.

Think you’re good at reading body language? Let’s see how well you do on our quiz:

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Test Your Body Language Quiz:

Please answer all questions by selecting one option from each question.

Rapid eye blinking is often a sign of . .?
Which one of the following is most likely to make you appear warm, friendly, open and confident?
The most likely reason for making little eye contact is?
What is it likely to mean if someone is wringing their hands when you speak to them?
What is the greatest distance you are likely to find between two lovers that are whispering?
A person who leans in and nods while you are talking is showing . . ?
During a conversation you notice a person crosses their legs and folds their arms. Most likely they are . . ?
Standing tall with head high and chest out probably shows . .?
A person often angles in towards another when . .?
People sometimes pull their ear lobe when . . ?