Am I a Control Freak? Quiz

Control Freak . . .

Has anyone ever called you a control freak? Maybe you’ve even wondered if you’re one yourself? A control freak is basically someone who feels justified in manipulating, persuading or controlling one or more other people. In positions of power, the person may get away with such activities, but in their personal lives, things will be different. It’s easy to lose friends, fail in relationships and, yes, even make some enemies.

In this quiz, imagine that someone who knows you well is looking over your shoulder – what would they say? Would they agree with your self-perception? 

Please answer the following ten questions. As with all our quizzes, no data is stored and your results will appear immediately you finish.

Are you a nervous passenger? Do you react to brake lights before the driver? Do you point out the traffic lights have changed or there's a cyclist nearby?
Do you give a lot of attention to your work environment (e.g. your office, laptop, vehicle, shop)?
Do you tend to say 'should' and 'ought' a lot to other people?

Do you have lots of personal rules, routines, rituals, and ceremonies?

Are you the one who takes over and orders other people around when the situation seems confused?

Do you dislike depending on others, accepting help from them, or allowing them to do things for you?

Do you insist on "being right," having things done your way, or having the final word?

Do you "over-plan" simple activities?

Do you find it difficult to admit making mistakes, being wrong or misinformed about something, or acknowledging that you've changed your mind?

Do you become angry, irritable, or anxious when someone or something makes you late, when things don't start on time, or things don't go according to plan?