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Writing for Positivity Guides

If you’ve got something positive to write, we might be interested in publishing it. 

Three Options

  1. share your story.
  2. guest article.
  3. in-content advertising.

Option 1. Share Your Story

We believe one of the best and most effective ways to help and inspire other people is through the sharing of personal stories. More about Share Your Story.

Option 2. Guest Article

Lots of people have thoughts, views, knowledge and opinions they want to share. We’re happy to consider guest publications but please read the guidelines below first.

Option 3. In-Content Advertising.

More about in-content advertising and our prices, here.


To Avoid Rejection and Disappointment Please Read the Following:

  • write for usWhat you write should be unique i.e. not published or copied from elsewhere and not reproduced on your own site(s). From time to time we run plagiarism and copying checks.
  • Please don’t send a list of titles for us to choose from or examples of previous work. We can’t assess your pitch this way, so we’ll need a full article.
  • Most accepted articles tend to be around 750-1000 words.
  • British or American spelling is acceptable.
  • The article should be grammatically sound and spell-checked.
  • The article should not be a thinly veiled advertisement or promotion for a book, product, service or website. If you wish to advertise on PositivityGuides please follow our guidelines.
  • For guest articles, we allow a single backlink to your own website, so long as this is not a promotional link or one directly or indirectly aimed towards selling a particular product, or products, or service. This link should be contained within a brief bio at the end of the article. For free articles we do not accept offsite links embedded within articles unless these pertain specifically to reference material (research papers, news articles, etc) supporting the topic. 
  • Submission of an article does not guarantee publication.
  • You will be notified if your article is to be published.
  • To submit an article click here for our form or simply send as a Word doc/docx. attachment to