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Running a website can be a tough and frustrating business, but offering great content that will also generate an income is hardest of all. 

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If you run a personal development or self-help website, or 

are thinking of starting one, the constant demand for high quality fresh content can quickly become all-consuming. A cost-effective and inexpensive solution is to use Private Label Rights (PLR) done-for-you content.

What is PLR Content?

PLR content is ready done. It allows you to put your name on it and use it on your own websites or in your info products (some people even use it in emails and social media).

Think of it as a quick way to create content- instead of writing it completely from scratch, you have a product ready to go. It’s simply up to you to edit it to fit your market, with your own personality or branding.

How to use PLR content

PLR content is typically delivered in a variety of formats, which may include slide shows, eBooks, video’s and a range of support materials in the form of articles, lead generations, ready-made tweets and social media content. Images and infographics are often part of the package.

This makes PLR hugely flexible. You could, for example, use the material for courses, selling as eBooks, or just website content. 

Cost Effective

The great thing about PLR articles is that they don’t come with the same high costs as hiring your own ghostwriter – this is because the content is sold to more than one customer. It’s also a great help for busy entrepreneurs who have a hard time coming up with all the content they need!

Signing up for a package automatically adds you to the circulation list. You’ll then receive regular high discounts, offers and weekly (yes weekly) free material to use on your site.

Not all PLR is equal

PLR for positivity
Ruth Pound

It’s not hard to find sites offering PLR content, but finding one that offers consistently good quality is another thing altogether. We’ve done the groundwork for you and we’re pleased to announce our partnership with Ruth Pound. 

Ruth has been in the PLR business since 2008. She personally oversees and edits all of the content on offer and she receives consistently good feedback for her work. 

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