Top ways to boost your confidence in 2020

Confidence is something a lot of people struggle to achieve. In the modern age of social media, it can be really challenging to remove yourself from the barrage of perfect images and lifestyles that the online world portrays.

However, it’s just that, a snippet of someone’s life and not really what’s happening in the real world. Comparison is the killer of confidence, and it’s not just online influences that affect us. It’s everyday situations too. So how do you get out of this cycle and focus on self-belief and confidence fresh for the new year? 

Check out some of the ways you can boost your confidence to help you feel motivated and rejuvenated in 2020. 

Make time for self-care

Self-care is a term that has been bandied about a lot in recent years, but there’s a good reason for it, and that’s because people aren’t doing it enough. It’s natural to put yourself last in the equation or feel guilty for wanting to take some time out. However, it’s something you need to do more frequently to help revive your own self-belief. We can get bogged down by unimportant things, and others stress, so removing yourself from this periodically will ensure you focus on yourself and your own goals. 

Make lifestyle changes

Much like taking time for self-care, looking at how your lifestyle affects your confidence can be a significant help. There may be people or situations that have become a habit that is sapping the life out of you. But nows the time to make changes. Remove toxicity and negativity from your daily routine whether that’s people, career or eating habits. Each can play a starring role in making you feel less confident, so taking stock of areas that need change will ensure you’re on the right path for 2020. 

Treat yourself

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself now and then. Whether that’s a little bit of retail therapy or booking that private orthodontist appointment to feel better about your teeth finally. Whatever makes you happy and gives you a boost can help wonders for your confidence. Many people work hard and feel guilty about treating themselves as there’s always something more pressing to sort out. However, taking these moments to reward your achievements can help you broaden your outlook and goals for the new year. 

Learn to say no

No one can do everything all of the time; however, most people try to and burn out quickly. Saying no to situations or people, especially family members, can be difficult because you feel like you have an obligation. But, in reality, if something doesn’t make you happy or you feel uncomfortable, don’t do it! Others may judge or complain, but it’s not up to them to determine how you feel. Learning to say no can be a powerful thing once you overcome the initial guilt, and people will learn to respect your decision whether they like it or not. 

These are just a few ways to help you take 2020 by the horns. Why not give them a try and see how they can help you become more confident for the year ahead. 

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