Tips For a Positive CV

cvWriting an eye-catching CV can be an intimidating job. Your CV could be just the ticket to get you a chance to lay the first foot in the door and grab an interview with the employer. A high percentage of the employers spend just over 10 seconds on scanning your CV before adding it to the ‘Aye’ or ‘Nay’ pile.

Harsh it is, but that’s the reality you have to accept. Fortunately, there is more that you can do than just accepting the truth. Here are the most important aspects to be kept in mind while creating a document showing the world “This is me!”, in other words, your CV.

Start with a Personal Statement:

Rather than assuming that an employer would see how your skills and expertise relates to the job, try starting with a short statement explaining how you could be the best fit for the job.

Keep it Simple:

Normally, a CV is expected to be no longer than two pages, assuming that it is an A4 paper. On an average, an employer spends about 8-10 seconds to look at a CV. So, keep it punchy & simple, while saving the details for the personal interview.

Tailor it:

Do not make the mistake of forwarding the same CV to all the employers. Take some time and change the CV in accordance with the role that you are applying for. Do your homework about the company and figure out the exact skills that you need to present to the employer. Your effort often gets appreciated and there is a good chance that you might create a positive impression.

Keep it Updated:

Always make a point to update your CV even if you are not looking to apply for a new job at the moment. Every time something important happens in your career, update your CV so that you don’t forget to do it later.

Speak the Truth:

Lying in your CV might help you just to grab the interview, but it can also create trouble when the employer makes background checks. You wouldn’t want to get caught lying in the interview or even worse, after joining the new firm and losing the job altogether for lying.

Include the Math:

This might sound absurd, but backing up your achievements with numbers makes it easy for you to sell yourself. Don’t vaguely state that you were successful raising sales. Rather, tell it in numbers like “I have increased the sales in excess of 50% over a year”. Adding big numbers is always good, and if you can, bring along some proof in case you’re asked.

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