Test Your Positive Thinking

positive thinking quiz

Want to test your positive thinking? Simply select one answer per question and see how you score as a positive thinker. As with all our quizzes no data is stored and your answers are immediate.

 Test Your Positive Thinking

Your plans are suddenly disrupted. How likely are you to quickly see alternative possibilities?
Are you as good as, or better than, people you come into contact with?
Will next year be better for you than this year?
Can you stop to appreciate items of beauty or simple pleasures?
Can you take honest criticism about yourself without getting upset?
Are you more likely to compliment than criticise?
Do you think the human race is heading for extinction?
Do you get upset when a friend or family member lets you down?
Are you generally a positive person?
Are you comfortable with being the topic of someone else's joke?
Do you believe your state of mind can affect your physical health?
Imagine a friend's list of top 10 favourite people. Would your name be on it?
Thinking back, are you more likely to recall your successes than your failures?



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