Will My Relationship Last? Quiz

Please answer all the questions. If you feel the available answers are not ideal, just select the one you feel most closely corresponds with your view. As with all our quizzes, no data is stored.


We can argue without resorting to threats of abandonment or divorce

1 out of 12

We can speak freely to each other and don't hold back feelings to avoid conflict

2 out of 12

We show each other respect, even when we argue

3 out of 12

We settle disagreements by compromise or finding common ground

4 out of 12

We are equal partners in this relationship

5 out of 12

We have good conversations and share opinions

6 out of 12

We can go out with friends without jealousy becoming an issue

7 out of 12

When we settle an argument it stays settled and does not crop up again

8 out of 12

We can joke with each other without one of us getting upset or taking it the wrong way

9 out of 12

We get on fine with each others families

10 out of 12

Our arguments do not escalate into pushing or slapping

11 out of 12

I feel fulfilled in our relationship

12 out of 12

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