Test Your Mindset

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Intelligence is something you are born with that can't be changed.

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No matter how intelligent you are, you can always be more intelligent.

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You can always substantially change just how intelligent you are.

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You are a certain kind of person and there is not much that can be done to really change that.

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You can always change basic things about the kind of person you are.

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Musical talent can be learned by anyone.

6 out of 20

Only a few people will be truly good at sports – you have to be born with it.

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Mathematics is much easier to learn if you are male or you come from a culture that values it.

8 out of 20

The harder you work at something the better you will get at it.

9 out of 20

No matter what kind of person you are you can always change substantially.

10 out of 20

Trying new things is often stressful for me, so I tend to avoid it.

11 out of 20

Some people are good and kind, and some are not – it's not often that people change.

12 out of 20

I appreciate when others give feedback about my performance.

13 out of 20

I often get angry if I get negative feedback about my performance.

14 out of 20

All human beings are capable of learning.

15 out of 20

You can learn new things, but you can't really change how intelligent you are.

16 out of 20

You can do things differently, but the important part of who you are can't really be changed.

17 out of 20

Human beings are basically good, but sometimes make terrible decisions.

18 out of 20

An important reason why I study/learn is that I simply enjoy learning new things.

19 out of 20

Truly smart people do not need to try hard.

20 out of 20

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