Check Your Assertiveness

 Check Your Assertiveness

I can ask other people to do things without feeling self-conscious, awkward or guilty.
If I say 'no' to something I don't want to do, I can do so without feeling anxious or worried.
I am confident speaking to large groups of people.
I can confidently express my honest feelings to authority figures.
If I feel strong emotions (anger, disappointment, frustration) I verbalise them easily.
I am comfortable speaking up in front of people.
I can tell others when their behaviour is creating a problem for me.
Meeting new people in social situations is something I do with ease.
When discussing my own beliefs I can do so without saying the opinions of others are stupid or without merit.
I assume that most people are competent and trustworthy and do not have difficulty delegating tasks to others.
I feel confident I can learn new skills, even though I've never done them before.
I believe my needs are as important as those of others.

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