Are You a People Pleaser?

For much of the time I feel insecure and lacking in confidence.
I walk on eggs in order to keep everyone happy
My father was a distant and unloving person
If I find I've been short-changed I won't challenge the person.
I feel overpowered by people, even those close to me
I really can't do most things right
I'm always thinking that I ought to, or should have, said or done something
My spouse and children know how to make me feel guilty
I feel like hiding, running away, not dealing with things
Confrontations are too unpleasant, so I avoid them
I prefer to say what I think people want to hear, rather than what I truly feel
If I try on a few pairs of new shoes, I feel obligated to buy a pair
I feel as if I'm not running my own life
I don't get many 'strokes' from the people I love
I am easily talked into things that please other people, but don't please me
If I stand up for myself I feel embarrassed and anxious
If I get insulted or ignored I prefer to let it go
I feel I have few options available to me that would improve my life
I don't get much respect from those closest to me
Taking on anything new makes me anxious and apprehensive

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