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Our Personal Development/ Self-Help Courses

Making Moments
This free course is all to do with learning how to embrace life. We’re all prone to doing things that prevent our enjoyment of life. This course shows some of the ways to turn things around.

Control: the art of self-discipline:
This course is about refining our abilities to resist feelings that tempt us to be lazy or procrastinate. It’s about replacing them with the satisfaction of self-control, in order to achieve all the associated benefits.

How to eliminate self-doubt:
The way we respond to self-doubt affects every area of our life. In this short course, we examine the effects of self-doubt before providing powerful strategies in which to break the cycle and take back control.

Practicing patience:
How well do you accept or tolerate delay, difficulty, or annoyance without getting angry or upset? Patience is a skill, and like all skills, we can learn it.

Building more positivity:
A short course about letting go of the past and making room for more happiness in your life.

Managing Time:
This short course is about making the best use of time. It will be useful for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers, students, or anyone who feels time seems to just slip through their fingers.

21 Steps to a Whole New You:
A course comprising three lessons of 7 steps each: 7 critical steps to positive thinking: 7 critical steps to happiness and 7 critical steps to success.

Success Fundamentals:
A huge, multi-lesson course, on what it really takes to become successful. From the foundations, organizational principles, flow, time-management, public speaking, behavior-based goals, and who should make up your inner circle and why.

Emotional Intelligence: the complete guide:
Manage your own and others’ emotions with some of the most powerful yet underrated insights that exist. This course teaches you everything you’ll need to know about emotional intelligence (EI) and its applications.

Live Life to the Fullest
This course will equip you with all the insights you need to embrace all that is out there.

From couch potato to fit and healthy
Get fit and healthy, boost longevity, and take the 30-day fitness challenge.

Supercharge your brain
Simple hacks to improve your brain performance, unlock your full potential, and live a more fulfilling life.