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‘A Look Inside Positivity’

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Equip yourself with the insights and information you need in order to make your life more fulfilled, more enriched and happier.

‘A Look Inside Positivity’, presents just a few of the concepts and ideas that underpin positivity and positive psychology. In this course you’ll learn about becoming aware of your strengths, identifying where you want to be, and encouraging yourself in that direction.

  • you’ll learn ways to adopt a growth mindset.
  • you’ll learn ways to shape your real life towards a more ideal life.
  • you’ll acquire an understanding of the influence and effect of positive and negative emotions.
  • you’ll accomplish techniques of persuasion and assertion.
  • you’ll gain insights into the importance of optimism and gratitude.
  • you’ll see the benefits and techniques informing mindfulness and easy meditation.
  • you’ll learn to move past burnout, rust out, anxieties and perfectionism.
  • you’ll be able to use techniques that cultivate calm and confidence.
  • you’ll see the benefits in letting go of resentments.
  • you’ll discover techniques to build greater resilience.
  • you’ll gain insights into yourself via self-assessment questionnaires & ratings.

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