How to Be Assertive



    Assertiveness is about standing up for our own rights while at the same time not trampling on the rights of others.  If we fail to stand up for our own rights there are plenty of circumstances where people will ignore us. Assertiveness is not aggression. can sometimes get us what we want but it is more likely to come at a cost. Aggression almost inevitably means violating the interests of others in the cause of self-interest. Read more


    Positive Leadership Styles

    Is there such a thing as a positive leadership style? Potentially all leadership styles have their positive attributes if applied correctly and in the right circumstances. But then we come to the issue of how many leadership styles there are. Read more


    6 Ways to Balance Family and Career

    It can be a tricky trying to balance family and career. Does one always have to take precedence over the other ? Well, it’s a common problem and truth of the matter is that we have to live with both if we want both to work.  Here are a few thoughts in the family and career debate. Read more


    Making Money From Blogging

    business-money-pink-coins-largeMaking money from blogging is certainly possible but many people don’t know where to start or what their options are.  Truth is it’s certainly possible to make money from a blog. A few lucky people have left their 9-to-5 jobs to pursue a career as full-time bloggers. Read more

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    Skills to Interpret Other People


    None of us can fully acquire the skills to interpret other people because then we’d be mind readers. What we can improve is our ability to read other people in the sense of objectively interpreting their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours. Read more