Mood Exercise

    I am a great supporter of moderate exercise, both as a resilience builder and as an effective form of therapy, especially for depression. On that note a perfectly reasonable question to ask is, just how effective is exercise for depression? Read more

    Relationships, Self-Confidence

    The Power of Friendship

    How many of us take our friends and social networks for granted? I suspect we all appreciate them at some level but it’s when we need help that we truly feel the benefit of support. Of course the kind of support we get depends on our needs and this shows that more than one kind of social support exists. Read more


    All Work Advice Isn’t Equal

    adviceWork advice, plenty of people offer it but how much is valuable? Actually this post, in part, is about management speak. Have you ever been exposed to it? It’s the sort of terminology where you wonder if you’ve been in a coma and the language has left you behind? Read more

    Relationships, Success

    What Makes Relationships Succeed

    It’s a good question, why do some relationships succeed when others fail? What works at the outset of a relationship may not be enough to sustain it and for long-term relationships to be healthy and rewarding there has to be some way for couples to settle on a formula that works for both. Read more