What Makes People Happy?


    What makes people happy? Well, there’s no simple answer but there are clues. Look at the habits of happy people and you’ll see rather similar things People who care for others, or volunteer to help out on a regular basis, appear happier than average. Read more


    Getting Past The Energy Slump


    Most people reach a point when they just feel tired, heavy- limbed, unmotivated and disillusioned. In reaching this point it’s not uncommon to find that a high stress, high activity and erratic sleep pattern has played its part. Read more


    Living Fast, or Dying When You’re Oldish!

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    There is nothing like the deaths of rock stars who began their careers when you were young to remind you of your own mortality. David Bowie, Lemmy of Motorhead, Glenn Fry of The Eagles all sadly rocked off this mortal coil within the past few weeks. It not only reminds us we are not immortal but it does demonstrate that there are certain ages when we are more vulnerable. Read more

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    Drop The Takers, Only Givers Nourish Us


    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that time spent with cynical, distrustful, complaining, moody types eventually takes its toll. The people we mix with affect our moods, so if we spend time with happy, optimistic and motivational people it rubs off, and there is science to prove it. Read more


    Playing to Your Personal Strengths


    What exactly is a personal strength? I’d say it’s those things that invigorate us as an individual. They feel a natural part of us and they boost our lives and daily performance. Read more