Do Brain Enhancing Drugs Enhance Productivity?

    brain enhancers
    Brain enhancing drugs are also known as nootropics, smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. They are drugs, supplements or other substances that boost cognitive function and help the user to become more positive, focused, motivated and productive. Nootropics work similarly to leisure drugs but for opposing reasons. Read more


    What Does a Valuable Life Look Like?

    valuable life
    What makes a valuable life? For far too long the main goal of healers, therapists and doctors has been to focus on what’s wrong with people in order to make them better. It’s a noble and worthy thing to do but this continued focus in the direction of illness and distress has arguably resulted a disproportionate amount of time, cost and energy being focused on the study of diseases and disease processes. 
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    50 Ways to Raise a Confident Child

    confident child

    Confident children reflect good parenting skills and whilst there is no perfect answer as to how children should be raised it’s important that influential people in a child’s life grasp a few of the essentials. We’ve provided a list of 50 confidence building tips. Some may appear contradictory, but it’s all about situation and context as to how appropriate the tip is: Read more


    Romance Can Lose You Friends: What to Look For

    romance friends fall out
    Romance is great but strange things can sometimes happen when you bring your old friends and your new squeeze together. Suddenly the people who always had your back, the one’s who always wanted the best for you, now have a hard time adjusting. Read more


    Starting Your Own Positivity Blog

    A good part of positivity is about sharing the love. So this post is about setting up and running your own blog. Of course you must run a blog on whatever topic motivates you but we’ll use our positivity topic in order to reveal how we’ve developed. Read more