Good Ways to Cope with Adversity

    Good ways to cope with adversity (difficult or unpleasant situations) makes more sense if we compare them with what’s useless. For example, if we try to deny a problem and push to one side it will come back and bite hard. Similarly, attempts to trivialise the issue or to become fatalistic about it aren’t helpful.
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    Overthinking Rarely Leads to Anything Positive

    overthinking reflects uncertainty
    Overthinking involves too much analysis, too much vigilance and too much emphasis on trying to control or fix situations. It’s something we tend to do more if we’re uncertain and once you get a couple more people in the same room doing the same thing it gets downright silly. Read more


    How to Find Your Purpose in Life

    how to find your purpose in life
    Have you ever woken up to a feeling of emptiness, thinking “what am I doing with my life?”. This un-fulfilment is something that you can push to the back of your mind, but it will keep creeping back, slowly but surely until it consumes you.
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