Instant motivation: how to use the on switch

motivation coursesWhen your dreams or goals seem miles away, how motivated are you to go after them? If they are going to take years to accomplish, or it’s going to be an uphill struggle to achieve them, it’s hard to get started.

Actually, let’s be brutally honest, some dreams seem so elusive or unattainable it’s easier just to give up and set our sights on something easier – a compromise.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We have it within our gift to manifest our dreams so they happen faster and easier than we ever thought possible.

What we talk about, think about and focus on are all forms of motivation. But how do we begin to pull our desires towards us instead of accidentally blocking or pushing them away?


Changing the way we think

What do you want to be when you grow up? 

This is one of the first questions we get as a young person when they meet an adult.

This single question demonstrates our society’s focus on long-term planning and goal-setting. Of course, it’s important to have a long-term goal. But not at the expense of enjoying today. This all says something about the way we’re conditioned to think.

How we think today, influences our motivation for achieving future goals.

But it’s not just about that. If we only focus on long-term goals we also forget what we have today.

We all know people, and we actually may be one of them, who works like a dog every waking moment so that they can meet a goal – retire early, pay the mortgage off sooner, save money so they can stop work and start a business.

These are all great goals to have… but if you ignore everything else in your life and live only for finally reaching that goal, you are going to miss out on a lot of amazing stuff in the meantime.

using on switch imageWe exhaust ourselves – When our whole lives are focused on a long-term goal, especially if we don’t appreciate the need to rest and go with our own flow, we can end up mentally and physically exhausting ourselves.

All that stress could quickly turn into major, chronic health issues that slow our progress or even shorten our lives. Besides this, it’s almost impossible to continue to be inspired and motivated to keep at it when we are just plain worn out.

We overlook the smaller successes – One thing about long-term goals is that they are made up of many smaller steps. But if you don’t break down those steps, you could easily burn yourself out or give up completely because it feels you never make any headway.

So, if your goal is to pay your house off early, how about sitting down and coming up with a plan in which to do that. If you decide that each paycheck you are going to take a certain amount out and put it in your house fund, you are succeeding.

In fact, you are succeeding every single time you do that. It becomes a habit, and before you know it, you have the money to do what you had dreamed of. All of those small acts and successes add up, but they can easily be overlooked when you are too focused on way down the line.

Even though having long-term goals is a good thing, they are best tempered with shorter-term goals as well. Having a balance of short and long-term goals will make you a happier, healthier, and yes, more successful person.


Letting go also makes things happen

Have you ever noticed the harder you try to make something happen, the less progress you make? Or the more obstacles that come up out of nowhere?

We’ve all experienced this. The more attached we are to the outcome of a goal or project, the further away it seems to get. When this is the cycle, it doesn’t take long before our enthusiasm for achieving it goes down the drain.

We talk ourselves into believing that it must not be meant to be since it’s so hard. Or maybe we decide we just aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or whatever, to make it happen. In reality, what is most likely causing the issue is our focus on not having what we want is blocking us from getting it.

We attract what we focus on – when we think and talk about how we don’t have something or how we want to have it, it means we are focusing energy onto wanting.

Wanting equates to an absence of what we want. If we change our focus to preparing to accept that we want, believing it is coming our way, we focus our energy on having, not wanting. This simple shift in mindset can make all the difference – it can make things flow to you easier and quicker.

We grasp tightly – we tend to obsess about what we want. We hold onto it so tightly that we strangle the energy surrounding it. If we relax about reaching the goal or finishing the project, we give our minds space to come up with inventive ways to make things work easier. And we signal to the Universe that we trust that It is bringing us what we want.

We believe we have control – we go about our daily lives focused on what we want to achieve, and talk ourselves into believing that we have all the control of what happens in our lives.

Then, when a setback occurs or something unexpected happens, we are discouraged and blown away. Really, we have much less control over making things happen than we believe we do.

Control is an illusion. We have no control over what other people will do. We have no control over nature or the economy or the world governments. You could do absolutely everything right when designing your new startup, but when the economy goes into a major recession without warning, how can you control that?

Letting go and going with the flow allows you to take responsibility for what you can control while trusting that things that you can’t control will align for you.

Letting go and going with the energetic isn’t easy. But it makes for a happier, healthier life. And one in which you can sustain your motivation and enthusiasm for taking on new goals and commitments.


About the course

courses positivityThe activities in this course describe a total of 43 proven techniques that can be clustered according to preference, or used individually to suit personal requirements.

Just the action of doing them will keep your spirits high, and with consistent practice, you’ll find your abilities and internal energy are transformative.

It starts from an assumption that your motivation is low, or unfocussed, or that you’re simply confused about where to find and sustain the necessary energy required.


Audio and eBook

The course is presented in three formats.

1. For those who like to listen, we provide a full, professionally edited, audio file of the course. This can be downloaded to your device and listened to whenever it’s convenient.

2. The entire course comes as a downloadable eBook in standard .pdf format.

3. Read the course online. Dip in and out whenever you wish and return as often as you like.



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