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How Well Do You Handle Stress: Quiz

stress quiz
Many people think they handle their stress pretty well, but when tested they discover they are way short of the mark. Find out how you’re doing with our quick and easy stress quiz:

How I Handle My Stress

I always make time for myself every day

1 out of 10

I have a tendency to take on other people's responsibilities

2 out of 10

I can say no without feeling too guilty

3 out of 10

I quickly get impatient with delays or changes

4 out of 10

I can quickly unwind and relax at the end of a day

5 out of 10

I find time to laugh every day

6 out of 10

I feel guilty if I just do nothing

7 out of 10

At the end of a working day I usually feel completely spent

8 out of 10

I struggle to get to sleep most nights

9 out of 10

I often forget to wear my watch

10 out of 10

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