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saladSo, summer is approaching and as it hurtles towards us your Instagram and Pinterest is slowly filling up with those toned bums and those power foods for fitness. If you are anything like me you truly believe that this will be the year you arrive on the beach with a flat stomach and a bum that would make Kim Kardashian look twice but it turns out this fitness thing is harder than it looks.

This year IS the year for me and I have done some serious research into making the job a little bit easier.

I hope these top tips help

  1. Most importantly – remove all household temptation. We all have those bored moments when we walk to the fridge and stare into it hoping the answer to our dull day will be inside…(hint) it isn’t. If you don’t have it you can’t eat it.
  1. Keep hydrated – a bottle of water in your handbag when you go out really helps. It is a well-known fact that many of us confuse the bodies signals by eating when we should be drinking. So keep hydrated and if you still feel hungry after 15 minutes then treat yourself.
  1. Include dietary psychology – at home the bigger the plate the more likely you are to fill it. This doesn’t mean steal your child’s plastic plates but investing in a smaller dish size may help you. Your plate will look full and you won’t feel like the diet is a punishment when it comes to meal times.
  1. Stop picking – this is one for the mums. When your running around like a headless chicken the temptation to pick or finish off your child’s food is second nature. Do your best to avoid it. Taking the time to join your children while they eat will be good for your mind and body.
  1. Think ahead– I am not one for putting myself on a ‘meal plan’ but I do think that being prepared for a busy day can help. If you know by the time you get home your going to turn to your friend or partner and say the words ‘fancy a take away?’ Be strong. Find a couple of short cut meals you can always call upon in times of need. Personally I rate stir-frys for this.

Bonus tip- Do not jump in at the deep end. If you try to convince yourself your going to find the time for the gym every night, develop a diet plan and change your daily routine your going to crack and quickly. Take steady steps in the right direction. Your routine has to be manageable, realistic and this can only be achieved by being honest with yourself and your current lifestyle.

Good luck ladies.

By Sophie

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