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overcoming worry and anxiety

Overcoming Worry and Anxiety

Worry is always with us, but, the lived experience of anxiety is often complex, embarrassing and hard to explain. Using clear, down-to-earth language, this book explores its characteristi, available treatments and effective self-help techniques. Topi include: • How the brain and its chemicals work • How anxiety may interact with other states such as stress, fear, panic, and illness • Symptoms and conditions • Work and lifestyle • Practical measures to combat worry • Thinking about treatment • Guided and supportive therapies • The value of assertiveness

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats


panic attacks a short introductory guidePanic Attacks: a short introductory guide

In this subject guide, psychologist Dr. Jerry Kennard provides a concise and informal introduction to panic attacks, panic disorder and the management of panic. The guide is for people who want something more than a leaflet or a webpage, but less than a formal textbook. 

There was a time when the study of the human condition and mental health specifically was confined largely to students of psychology, medicine or nursing, or those involved in social care or health-related occupations. Today the message is finally filtering through that mental illness is extremely common and is not something to be feared or hidden away.

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats

alzheimers disease for caregiversAlzheimer’s Disease: an A-Z for new caregivers

Nearly two thirds of people with Alzheimer’s live at home and the time, on average, between diagnosis and the need for nursing care is seven years. That’s a lot of time in which to provide your loved one with practical and emotional support and to give increasingly higher levels of assistance with activities of daily living. This A-Z for new caregivers is a practical and informative. The author, herself a former caregiver, health professional and well-regarded health blogger, uses her considerable personal and professional experience to provide an accessible and easily understood guide. 

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats


anxiety and stress for beginnersAnxiety and Stress: an A-Z for Beginners

This book is a little different. It isn’t academic, but it is informed academically, and it isn’t a self-help book in the true sense of the word. So what is it? The title holds the clue. We all know of the existence of anxiety and stress but how many of us know just how influential they are on our lives, our work, our relationships with others and the things we do? I’ve provided an A-Z of anxiety and stress related issues.  It provides brief insights into the complexities, the mechanisms and the sheer enormity of issues in our lives that are influenced and affected by anxiety and stress.

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats


bipolar disorder a short introductory guideBipolar Disorder: a short introductory guide

Bipolar disorder, previously called manic depression, is an example of a mood disorder and involves two extremes of mood – depression and mania. It affects men and women equally and symptoms usually appear in 15-25 year olds. Features of depression are withdrawal from social contact, extreme sadness and feelings of futility and worthlessness, whereas those of mania are elation, hyperactivity, flighty ideas, rapid speech and poor judgment. 

This short introduction is designed to answer your most pressing questions about the nature of bipolar disorder, its diagnosis, treatment and self-help options.

Available in Paperback and Kindle formats