From couch potato to fit and healthy


How many times have you started a fitness program only to quit after a few months or even a few weeks. Why did you quit? We’ll get to that in a moment.

Motivation is that deep-down burning desire that keeps you focused on accomplishing something that is important in your life. It is the driving force that when faced with a fork in the road, you go left for success instead of right to failure. But at times, even the strongest motivation can wane and take us off our path.

Back to why you quit. Figuring out the “why” is sometimes tricky, but most experts agree that it has to be something YOU want to do; you can’t do it because others want you too, nor can you do it because it happens to be the “in” thing to do at the time. More times than not if that is the motivation, you will be doomed to failure. Why? Because it was not YOUR motivation.


In From Couch Potato to Fit and Healthy we address these early concerns. You’ll be given the background, the structures and the incentives to get you moving, get fit, and importantly, enjoy the entire process.

For this lesson we employ 9 specific steps, which are:

step 1: setting your exercise goals
step 2: finding your motivation
step 3: tracking your success
step 4: managing failure
step 5: overcoming fear
step 6: accountability assistance
step 7: the power of small steps
step 8: daily habits
step 9: beginner exercise programs


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Another eBook, as a part of our wellness series. Download 6 Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle



The average life expectancy around the world has more than doubled since 1900. We know a lot more than we did back then about how the human body works, and how it is affected by the environment, diet, our activity level and mental stress. This means that human longevity, a measure of the amount of time a human will live, is greater than it ever has been before.

There are some concerning statistics that show we are headed in the other direction, however.

We tackle these issues in the lesson . . 

But, this lesson is going to help you add healthy years to your life.

You’ll learn about the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and the things we unwittingly do to shorten our lives.

Then you’ll discover ways to turn things around.

Learn about the 14 diseases and health conditions that can be prevented with healthy exercises and diets.

Learn the importance of exercise, how much you need, and the best types of exercise for living longer.

Learn about anti-aging diets, how much, and when to eat.


Download the eBook to your device and keep it.

Plus: continue to access the course and all the associated lessons for as often and as frequently as you wish.


eBook – The Top 9 things you can do for your health to help you live longer.



How long does it take to make a positive change in your life? How long does it take to improve your health and well-being? The answer is that it really only takes moments to change your health for the better.












The 30 days to fitness challenge does exactly what it says. A full 30 day package of exercises, tips and video demonstrations to get you off the couch and moving.

And yes, there’s an accompanying eBook for you to download and keep, plus a bonus eBook on 20 ways to make your lifestyle more active.




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