Four Fears That Block Success

Fear is a common emotion but if you feel you’re born to make a difference then overcoming the fears that block success is essential. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have fears but we all have the capabilities to overcoming them.

Did you know that you’re just one attitude away from conquering all types of fear? Remember Walt Disney? During the time he started pursuing his dream several companies rejected his work. It was due to his positive attitude and determination that Walt Disney Studios became the success it is today.

Fear of Failure

This type of fear is common but it’s a real block to risk taking in success. You may be scared of failing in a board examination, or getting fired by your boss, or even if your business isn’t clicking at all. It’s normal when you failed at something to be wary of trying again. To overcome this fear, simply put in your mind that failures have a greater purpose in life. Instead of accepting failure and not trying again, always re-assess yourself and adjust until you reach your goal.

Fear of Embarrassment

This is another type of fear that can be overcome. You may have the fear of getting embarrassed during a pitch, or speaking right in front of a crowd. You’re not the only one. All of us have embarrassments in our lives, and we should deal it in a nice and positive way. Confidence increases with time and practice. Mistakes happen all the time, just keep doing your best. There’s always a room for you to succeed.

Fear of Abandonment

When you’re starting out there’s often a concern that your friends will start to drift away. You’re focused and you’re probably spending a lot of time on work and pursuing your goals.

Although you’ve maintained your relationships with your friends who perhaps aren’t so success-driven, there may come a point when you wonder if your goals are worth losing friendships over. If you worry too much about friends walking away you may need to weigh up priorities. Becoming successful in a specific life aspect may of course let them realize something, and true friends will accommodate your successes. Who knows, some may possibly jump ship to succeed with you.

Fear of Rejection

You may have the fear of receiving several rejection letters for your book’s publication, or when no one’s interested in hiring you. Again, you’re not alone. But without trying you simply won’t succeed. Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling recently published her rejection letters to give others hope. Ironically these rejections came to her after her Harry Potter novels when she was attempting to write under a different penname. One letter even suggested she sign up for a writing course!

To overcome this type of fear in a positive way, apply this statement in your mind to keep moving on:

Some will believe…..

Some will not…..

So what?

Someone is waiting…..


Final thoughts

Don’t let your mind get filled with fear. Once you’re equipped with fear, your life will not progress and will probably remain the same. Have courage with what you’re doing, as long it has a greater purpose in life.

Jeff Caceres is a freelance blogger and writer with a passion to help other people. He loves to inspire, motivate, and shares his message to others in all life aspects. Kindly visit his blog at for more info.

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