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Advertising, in the form of contributed content or link embedding, is welcome. We charge a nominal fee for our time, but once accepted, your article(s)/links remain on the site permanently and at no further cost.


Articles must be site-relevant, no less than 700 words in length, and contain no more than three external links per article. This is one example of the content and standard we accept, this is another.

Link Insertion:

If you wish to embed a single link within an existing article, please email us. In your email please identify the article you are interested in. If the article is contributed content we will not be able to embed your link. If the article is ours we’ll be happy to consider your request further.

Please Note: we do not accept material promoting pharmaceutical products, cannabis-related products, or gambling.




A well-written blog post benefits us both. For this reason we charge a nominal fee. The current cost for one article with a single do-follow link is just £50. For an article containing three links, the cost is £100.00

Please note: article submission does not guarantee publication. Submissions must meet our editorial standards.

Link Insertion

The current price for a do-follow single link insertion is £35.


Unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed you will be invoiced. Once payment is received, the article will be published and will remain on the site permanently.


If you have any questions please contact: [email protected]